Why do we always wear two of the same earrings?

Maybe we think we should, because beauty is often found in symmetry. Or are we merely doing this because earrings are simply sold in pairs and we actually don’t have a choice? We enjoy thinking about how we can match our shoes and outfit, how we can wear our hair and do our make-up. It’s a great experience we repeatedly have, for which we gladly make time. So why limit ourselves when it comes to jewelry?

With Macci, we break with limitations. We are fully committed to helping you match your jewelry with your outfit and appearance. We sell asymmetrical earrings and we sell them by piece. With our jewelry, you always have the choice of wearing two of the same earrings, or 2 different pieces to complete your look.

From Fibonacci to Macci

The name Macci is a composition of Mathieu, founder of the brand, and Fibonacci. The Italian mathematician Leonardo da Pisa, better known as Fibonacci, discovered an interesting sequence of numbers with certain ratios between them, with the Golden Section as its most famous. As these ratios appear to have great implications all around us and are used by for example painters, architects and stock traders alike in their various domains, so do we use them in the designing process of our jewelry, creating an extra dimension when playing with different lengths and shapes. By integrating these techniques, we put a hint of structure in the asymmetry, causing our earrings to be unconsciously perceived as balanced.

Macci is Made to Match

In our jewelry development phases, we combine the knowledge within the Tresoro mother company together with external designers and goldsmiths, both young and experienced. Together we ensure that our jewelry makes it possible for women to optimally match and style their look and create the best possible experience when they dress up.

asymmetrische gouden oorbel
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