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Meet Liza, Macci designer

Curious who’s behind the designs of some of our Macci lines? Meet Liza!


When it comes to the design of our collection, there’s 3 important factors we balance out, making up the distinctive Macci style. First of all, every design needs to have asymmetrical applications. You have to be able to match the design with different ones, so we always think ahead. Secondly, we need it to be relatively light and elegant, to attract our target customer group. Lastly, we need it to be and to look qualitative. We work with high end materials, so we need to “look the part”. Combining these factors makes up for a challenge we take on with a number of people, each bringing their unique experience to the table regarding the ideas, designs and production.

One of the creative people working on a good part of the collection is designer-goldsmith Liza Heyvaert.
Liza is a local talent, who was already enjoying experimenting with jewelry from a younger age. When she turned 21, she decided to take her longtime hobby to a next level and got some experience in our mother company Tresoro. From there on, she started her training as a jewelry goldsmith in Antwerp and went on working for Baskania.

She continued to do some work for Tresoro in the meantime, as she had a keen eye for earring design. When Macci was founded, we didn’t have to look very far for someone with the right profile to help us with some of the designs for our new concept. She’s been a good fit for us, partially because she’s doesn’t limit her sources of inspiration to the higher end jewelry segment, but looks at everything from bigger brands, to general fashion and big faux-bijoux pieces.

Macci & Tresoro creations

Her love for fine gold and certain semi precious stones, like aquamarine and ametrine ressonates well with the brand look & feel. The most distinctive feature of her style that really brings in her character is without a doubt her fearlessness for size…Big hoops, long slings and statement pieces. You can see these features in the Macci lines, but even to a bigger extent in her own creations, that next to the Macci lines are also presented in her own Jewelry store Parel, in Ghent.

You’ll be seeing more of her designs in some of our lines in the future, accompanied by more inhouse creations and further external collaborations with highly experienced professionals working with us. Stay tuned for more!



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