Macci Eclipse

How to recognize Macci Jewelry in the shops

Asymmetrical earrings, sold piece by piece…
We present them alike.


The presentation of jewelry is in our opinion just as important as the jewelry itself.
When you tell a story, everything needs to be in function of the message you want to convey.
Or in others words, everything needs to be focused on the feeling you want your customers to experience.

Our customers, the jewelers, put a great amount of time and effort into their window displays.
In a matter of seconds, they want you to understand what they are offering and what they stand for.

With Macci, we try to help them deliver the message.
Macci earrings are asymmetrical and are sold by piece, this is what we stand for.

The way we present our product should then be no different…After thinking hard about our style, message and how we can help our customers,
we opted for beautiful marble bases, with golden stands on which each earring is presented individually:




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