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  • ongelijke assymetrische oorbellen kreool parel
  • MA00005ECTR
  • ongelijke Kreolen oorbellen met parel
  • Combine different earrings to complement your look. All earrings within 1 collection have been designed so you can combine then.
  • MA00003ECTR
  • Lange gouden oorbel met topaze
  • MA00009FITR
  • MA00006FITR
  • MA00002ECTR
  • MA00016SITR
  • MA00013SITR
  • MA00015SITR
  • ongelijke asymmetrische gouden oorbellen
  • Click on the earring you like and we will propose how you can match them.
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  • MA00007FITR
  • MA00014SITR
  • MA00004ECTR
  • MA00001ECTR
  • MA00008FITR
  • MA00012SITR
  • asymmetrische gouden oorbel
  • Macci earrings are for sale by piece. If you already have a Macci pair, you can easily buy another earring of the same collection and you instantly have 3 possible combinations to wear.

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